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5-7 May 2013, Miami Beach

OffshoreAlert Conference, OffshoreAlert

FraudNet members for the British Virgin Islands Martin S Kenney, of Martin Kenney & Co, Road Town, USA Edward H. Davis, of Astigarraga Davis, Miami, and Canada Matthew R. Lindsay, of Rose LLP, Calgary, will make presentations at the Miami Beach OffshoreAlert Conference on the following topics: “If an offshore investment fails: who can be sued for what and where” by Martin S Kenney; “Covert discovery of hidden assets” by Martin S Kenney, Edward H. Davis,and Matthew R. Lindsay; “Corruption in OFC’s: How big is the problem and what is its impact on international business?” by Edward H. Davis. Click here for the program and to register. Papers and presentations will soon be available on our Publications page.

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