Internet Intelligence Course: How to Find, Manage and Use Online Information More Effectively

Internet Intelligence Course: How to Find, Manage and Use Online Information More Effectively
Sat, 9. September 2023 - Tue, 12. September 2023
Cambridge University - Cambridge


This comprehensive training course will teach you how to conduct more effective online investigations and find, better information online in less time, at less cost, with less risk.

Generating relevant, timely and actionable intelligence, assessing and managing risk, maximising opportunities, assuring compliance, and managing reputation; the internet has the information you need, but you need to know where to look and how to get there, this comprehensive training program will show you how.

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                                   What you will learn 
                                   Who should attend?
                                   Toddington International Inc


Acquiring useful and relevant Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) requires much more than just an ability to surf the Web - many valuable sources of intelligence are unknown and untapped by investigators.

From routine investigations conducted by frontline personnel to global, tactical and strategic Open Source Intelligence operations, Online and Social Media Research and Investigation skills are essential requirements at all levels of an organization.

Aimed at Managers, front-line investigators, researchers and analysts alike, this comprehensive three-day training course taught by OSINT experts Toddington International Inc, will provide detailed instruction in effectively using the Internet as an Open Source Investigation and Research Tool.

Demonstrating advanced search techniques for web-based and social media investigations, this course will also introduce a number of case studies that highlight and correct some errors that have compromised investigations in the past.

Essential anonymity tools to ensure privacy and security will be introduced, in addition to techniques being used by the criminal element to conceal their identity, location and illegal behaviour.

                  What you will learn

• Advanced Search Engine Techniques
• Deconstructing Web Pages to Find Hidden Information
• Techniques for "De-Anonymizing" Internet Users
• The "Deep Web" - Public Directories and Databases
• Multimedia Search Tools and Techniques
• Crowd-sourcing and the Real Time Internet
• Online Intelligence Opportunities and Threats
• Maintaining Security and Protecting Privacy
• Maintaining Anonymity Online
• Locating and Linking People, Places and Things
• Determining Websites and Users Locations
• Capturing, Organizing and Storing Web Based Evidence
• Automated Mapping and Monitoring of Websites
• Using RSS Feeds and News Aggregators
• Forum, Discussion Board and Newsgroup Search
• Evaluation and Analysis of Internet sourced data
• Strategies and Tactics for Developing a Research Plan
• Investigating Blogs, Wikis and Social Networking sites
• The "Dark Web" -Contraband in Online Marketplaces
• Internet Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
• Hundreds of Online Tools and Resources

                  Benefits for attendees

• A comprehensive collection of training materials as well as a NetBook computer to keep. This computer will be configured for optimum research capability during the course.
• One year's subscription to TII's premium search resources (worth £329).
• Become significantly more efficient at online research; getting the most from “Surface”, “Deep” and “Dark” web sites as well as from Social Networking, Web 2.0 and 3.0 resources.
• Understand how to leverage images, video and other multimedia to advance your intelligence goals.
• Learn how to effectively use a variety of freely available tools to archive, compile and properly analyse Internet sourced information.
• Develop the skills and awareness to use the Web safely when conducting sensitive investigative research including; tools used to examine traffic to a website, and methods to protect privacy online and maintain operational integrity.
• All accommodation and meals as well as a full evening social program.

                          Who should attend?

• Government and Private Investigators
• Police and Law Enforcement Personnel
• Corporate Security Professionals
• Fraud Investigators and Lawyers
• Risk Mitigation Professionals
• Auditors and Analysts
• Competitive Intelligence Researchers
• Recruiters and Background Check Professionals                                         

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                         Toddington International Inc.

Since 1997, Toddington International Inc. (TII) has worked at the forefront in the collection, analysis and dissemination of Open Source Intelligence gathered via Internet sources.

Teaching its clients how to get the critical information they need, when they need it, TII has developed a range of proven, innovative training programs focused on the specific requirements of each of its client groups.

With a client base ranging from government and law enforcement agencies to members of the Fortune 500, TII enables personnel to use the Internet more effectively, to work smarter, and empowers them to find better online information in less time, at less cost, with less risk.

TII's team of trusted associates includes highly qualified investigators, intelligence analysts, psychologists, educators, legal practitioners and other professionals, all of whom maintain the highest standards of integrity.

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Cambridge University
Queens' College


The Course takes place in Queens' College, Cambridge University.

Queen's College was founded in 1448 and is situated in the centre of Cambridge spanning the river Cam with the famous Mathematical Bridge (pictured). The college is close to the many historic buildings and shops and within easy reach of the railway station.

Full residential accommodation is provided for delegates and is en-suite and of a good standard. Parking is not available at the college but there are car parks not far away.

Further details about the college, its facilities and how to get there can be found at