Members draw from their experiences to provide unique perspectives and invaluable information.

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1. Beating Fraudsters at Their Own Game
FraudNet Executive Director Stéphane Bonifassi discusses with the ICC's Commercial Crime International how the Panama Papers highlighted a dark, but often overlooked, side of wealth management that can perpetuate corruption, as powerful people are able to hide their assets globally.

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2. IMF Chief Convicted Over Payout - Insights from Stéphane Bonifassi, Executive Director
Executive Director Stéphane Bonifassi explains to BBC’s World Business Report why the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has been found guilty of negligence in France.

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3. Brazilian Members Active in International Legal Strategies to Recover Assets.
FraudNet members for Brazil, Joao Accioly, of the Sobrosa & Accioly law firm in Rio de Janeiro; Antenor Madruga, Feldens Madruga law firm in Brasília; and Henrique Forssell, of law firm Krikor Kaysserlian Duarte e Forssell Advogados Associados, of Sao Paulo against fraud.

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FraudNet members often are invited to make presentations at conferences or publish articles on fraud-related issues. Members draw from their experiences working on shared joint cases, multi-jurisdictional cases and cases in their respective jurisdictions to provide unique perspectives and invaluable information.


With its deep bench of qualified talent, FraudNet can quickly assemble an ad hoc team of international specialists based purely on their proven ability to execute a specific legal strategy for optimizing asset recovery in targeted jurisdictions.

~FraudNet member Peter Maynard, senior counsel at Peter D. Maynard Counsel & Attorneys of Nassau, The Bahamas.

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25 March 2017 - Bettina Knoetzl in her role as President of Transparency International
25 March 2017 - First ever search order against a third party granted: the Chabra moment for search orders
14 March 2017 - Guillermo Jorge: “Tools for recovering assets due to acts of corruption do exist” (Video in Spanish)
14 February 2017 – Canada’s role in ‘snow washin’ money to evade taxes
26 January 2017 - It's a family affair: France 2017 frontrunner Fillon denies phoney job claim - Insights from Stephane Bonifassi, Executive Director

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